Welcome to Special Help 4 Special Needs

Special Help 4 Special Needs has been set up to provide individuals with neurodiverse issues the support they and those around them require to grow and develop.  This includes those with Autistic Spectrum Condition, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD/ADD and Developmental Delay, as well as those without any formal diagnosis.

Dr Mark Brown, founder of Special Help 4 Special Needs has over 30 years experience working with people with neurodiverse issues including working with children with neurodiverse issues since 2000. 

Mark’s work provides an individualised, practical based approach which aims to provide the individual and those around them with the tools to explore themselves as well as help their further development.  This is achieved using varying methods, but ultimately shows:-

  • How neurodiverse issues can impact upon ALL those involved
  • How the environment affects what happens
  • How to help support the individual with ongoing developmental issues
  • How to help the young adult and those around them to cope with puberty and beyond