Consultations and Support Fees

The fees for the support provided are as follows:

Face to face sessions 

Initial assessment visit will be £120

Block of four sessions will be £400

The cost includes between 1-2 hour long session which includes discussion with parents as well as the actual work with the individual. Depending upon distance there maybe extra travel cost incurred if you are more than 30 miles from the Resource Centre.

Online Face to face sessions

If distance is an issue, Mark can offer video consultation using Skype.  Such consultation  are charged at a discount for an hour’s one to one session.

  • Initial Session = £90
  • Subsequent sessions = £75 per session 

The video streaming is free from either Skype or Zoom.  Rates for lectures will be dependent upon the requirements.

By offering such a service, Mark is able to help provide support for families and professionals where distance is a problem, including internationally.  The sessions will enable Mark to work with the family or professional to develop programmes for a range of issues including behaviour, toileting and sleep, which can be regularly reviewed via Skype or Zoom.  During the session, Mark is able to provide any necessary recording chats, written programmes, etc within a few minutes of the discussion and often simultaneaously.

How do I make an appointment for an online Consultation?

If you are interested in booking an online session, please email Mark at outlining the situation, and whether you would like to use Skype (please provide Skype ID) or Zoom (session will be arraigned by us). Mark will then respond as soon as is practically possible, at which point an online session can be arranged (please take into account time differences when arranging a session).

 Payment for any of the face to face sessions is made after the session has occurred via Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer/Paypal.