Supporting Families

Supporting Families

Most people will say that raising children can be the most difficult but rewarding jobs in the world. However, raising a child with special needs possesses extra difficulties requiring additional skills which are forever needed.

Understandably parents and carers of children and young adults with special needs as well as siblings, become exhausted, stressed and confused about how to help their child further develop and to what the future holds.

Special Help 4 Special Needs provides the practical support and advice that families need to understand and help their child with special needs, as well as providing the child/young adult with special needs with the ability to explore their own situation.

This support and advice is based upon many years of working both hands-on with special needs adults and also working extensively in the community with families. This has resulted in approaches and support that is appropriate, practical and achieveable which take in to account the real world of special needs.

“Though Mark only worked with my family for a small amount of time the difference he made was astounding”

Simone, mother of Chris

To achieve this goal for families I offer the family individualised programmes including

• Home based appointments

• Home based 1:1 sessions and support for the child/young person with special needs.

• Hands on skills and in home support including sibling support

• Email support service

• Practical support for those things that make home life impossible – sleeping, eating, toileting, sexuality & puberty and behaviour issue

The initial consultation allows us to identify your priorites and how we can work with them. This work will take the form of an individualised plan of action which can be over a few months, weeks or even an intensive course of work.

“Mark helped us work through the diagnosis of our son. On our low days he would put us back on track”

Jacqui, mother of William

Alternatively if a group of parents would like to meet with me then arrangements can be made for a Support Group approach. The way forward is completely in your hands.

If you want to discuss your own needs, feel free to contact me either by phone on 07917 454573 or by emailing at