Supporting Professionals

Whether it is specific professionals such as GP’s, Paediatricians, Nurses, Health Visitors and Social Workers, or it is a group of staff working withing a residential unit, similar issues are raised.  However, when these issues are placed in to everyday life then the ability to help and support those in need can be difficult when the professional is involved with a number of families all in difficult situations.

Much of my working life has been in these situations, whether working in a residential setting or working with families in their own homes.  These experiences have provided me with the practical insight and knowledge required when working with families and their children as a way forward to successful achieving their goals.  I am able to work alongside professionals to assist and demonstrate practical strategies and working methods that work to improve the family life.  By working with rather than telling families and supporting them in daily lives, the chances of success and improvement drastically increase.

I offers on-site consultations with professionals and parents, including home based, hospital or clinics as well as training and workshops designed to meet your individual needs following consultation with you.  Additionally I  can offer the chance to develop the professional’s skills in helping family by working hands-on with  the professional and child as a mentor.

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