Supporting Schools

Having a child with neurodiverse issues within a classroom requires additional time and consideration by teaching staff, but when there are further problems such as controlling behaviour or sexuality issues then the class setting is further affected.  This often means that time for developing practical solutions within the class setting is limited. 

With a long and wide range of experiences, Mark is able to assist teaching staff to develop appropriate, practical solutions and strategies that have been proven to work.  To ensure the strategies are appropriate to your situation, Mark will work alongside the teaching staff within the class setting to develop their understanding of the additional and specific needs of the children.

Sometimes alternative methods of working within the school setting are needed to help the child/young adult with neurodiverse issues.  This can take the form of individualised sessions aimed at allowing the child/young adult to express and explore their feelings about a variety of issues, or group work such as enhanced sex education and inappropriate sexualised behaviour groups.  As well as these approaches, Mark can offer schools a range of support packages including:

  • Mentoring packages
  • School based consultation and support
  • Specifically designed programmes for the classroom and child/young person
  • Group programmes e.g. sex education.
  • INSET Training
  • Training and development workshops designed to meet your specific situation and needs

For further information and to discuss your individual needs, please use our Contact Page.